Canada's Largest

Fair Trade World Craft Fair

Online for 2020!

I am so sad to not be busy preparing for our 28th Annual FIESTA WORLD CRAFT BAZAAR.  The much loved Fair that makes a difference will be missed by so many.  However, what we must also recognize is how important FIESTA is globally.  Our vendors who bring wonderful handicrafts, clothes, jewellery, household items, toys, art, cards, and edibles are small businesses and non-profits.  They are  directly involved with the artisans, who are often marginalized people living in the least developed countries of the world.  They are using skills and creativity that has been handed down for many generations in order to feed their families. 

COVID is a global pandemic that is tragically affecting their lives. They usually sell their wares to the tourists coming to their countries, or overseas to fair trade shops and Christmas markets such as FIESTA.  They live in countries whose governments are providing little or no financial support during these pandemic times.

So this year we are asking you to make FIESTA happen ONLINE!  

Please take some time to look at the list of online vendors and read the brief description of what they have to sell.  Then click on a specific vendor and you will go directly to their shop.  The vendors are ready to process your purchase using a variety of ways,  such as e-transfer, credit cards, paypal, square and more.  A few of our vendors are local and they will be able to have you pick up or will deliver.  Most of the vendors are from the Island, Salt Spring Island and Vancouver and they will be sending your beautiful gifts to you by courier or mail. You will be able to talk to them about your preference. All of these vendors have been regulars at FIESTA WORLD CRAFT BAZAAR in Courtenay, Duncan, Parksville, Victoria and Campbell River. There are no Fairs this year and even the businesses with shops have had closers and fewer sales. 

Please click on the FIESTA  video above, here on our homepage, and remember the warmth and community goodwill that has made FIESTA a delightful Christmas experience. 

Let's shop with our Hearts this season. Buy from your local shops and please remember that we are indeed a "small world after all" and shop FIESTA online.   

Check out Fiesta-World Craft Bazaar on  link to facebook page

And our ONLINE - Fiesta World Craft Bazaar 2020 Facebook event

The next in person Fiesta-World Craft Bazaar takes place on November 20th and 21st, 2021.

For more information contact Dave at kye_bay [at] or 250-218-3168.